Quantitative analysis is a technique that uses mathematical and statistical modeling to help predict market behavior. Traders or systems that use this technique rely on historical data to identify trends and build models that can be used to make trading decisions.
While quantitative analysis can get extremely complex, it can also offer a number of advantages to traders. One of the biggest advantages is that it can help take the emotion out of trading. By relying on models and data, traders can avoid making emotionally-driven decisions that can lead to losses.
Quantitative analysis can also help traders find new opportunities and identify potential risks, which can further improve by automating this process, creating systems that save time and improve the chances of success.
Additionally, quantitative analysis can be used to develop trading strategies and test them against historical data to see if they are likely to be successful.
Comprehensive quantative analysis requires a significant amount of data and computing power which is not available to the average trader. However, the benefits can be well worth the effort for institutional or professional traders.

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